We offer safe supervised visits at home and in public in conflict-free, natural settings.

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We are a Tennessee Corporation, based out of Memphis, Tennessee. We service Shelby and Tipton County, Tennessee and Mississippi. A Family Connection is a qualified and active member of the Supervised Visitation Network, Worldwide, and an approved listed agency with the National Supervised Visitation Directory.

We are owned and directed by Shari Myers, a Licensed Tennessee Attorney, in good standing, who has twenty years of experience representing the best interest of minor children in matters of: divorce, post-divorce, dependency/neglect, severe abuse, termination of parental rights and adoption cases. Ms. Myers is an active member of the Memphis and Tennessee Bar Associations, and past President of the Family Law Section of the Tennessee Bar Association.  

We personalize supervised parenting time by providing such time in comfortable, natural and familiar settings for the child and the supervised parent or relative, while maintaining extensive and detailed notes and records, and ensuring physical and emotional safety for the child at all times. There is no stigma attached to A Family Connection since supervised visitation takes place at a parent’s or other individual’s home; and for qualifying cases, such time may also take place in public: parks, gardens, zoos, restaurants, museums, movies, theaters, children’s events, or at other events and locations. Our Personal Supervised Visitation may be scheduled as reoccurring or occasional. Personal Supervised Visitation may include mornings, days, nights, weekdays, weekends, and even holidays.  

We also offer Off-Site Safe Exchanges, Supervised Phone Conferencing, and Parent Coaching. Call to inquire about these additional services.

Our team of Expert Supervisors have relevant backgrounds in family and juvenile law, police enforcement, child development and education, nursing, foster care, psychology and social work, to name a few. Our Expert Supervisors have received formal training and are prepared. Prior to any Personal Supervised Parenting Time, your Expert Supervisor has been briefed regarding the particulars of your case, pre-visited the location where the Personal Supervised Parenting Time will take place, and has met your child, depending on age. Extensive and detailed records are properly kept by our Custodian of Records and maintained for future use.

Emotional and physical safety of your child is paramount. All Personal Supervised Parenting Time scheduled with us includes specially researched and implemented safety measures. We have researched methods from around the United States, and have implemented effective measures which provide for safe parenting times for the child. Our Expert Supervisors are professional and prepared. In addition to the support of local police, Ambassador Worldwide Security provides A Family Connection with the highest level of on-call security.  

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