Get Started with the Alternative and Best Approach to Supervised Visitation, Supervision at Home and in Public Settings through A Family Connection

Begin Supervised Visitation with A Family Connection:

Step One: Carefully read the Rules for A Family Connection.

Step Two: Complete the Intake Form and gather the items on the Intake Check List  to bring with you at your Intake Appointment.

Step Three: Call to set your Intake Appointment (901) 737-3337.

Answers to some commonly asked questions:

  • It is in your child’s best interest to have supervised visitation through A Family Connection, as we offer the most natural settings for professional supervision.
  • We provide services in Memphis, Shelby and Tipton County, Tennessee and Mississippi
  • We are expanding, so check with us to see if we serve your area.
  • The Start Up Process can be as short as three days.
  • Both the Primary Parent (primary custodial parent) and the Alternate Parent (supervised parent) are required to complete the intake process above.
  • Prior to the first Supervised Visit with A Family Connection we conduct a Pre-Visit of the residence where supervision will take place
  • The child will meet the Director and Supervisor at the Child Orientation, for children 2 years of age and older
  • We prepare and submit to the court a detailed order for A Family Connection to provide the supervision service in your case.
  • For help regarding your role relating to Supervised Visitation (to include what to do when a child is resistant to a visit), click here: Primary Residential Parent Alternate Residential Parent
  • We do not offer therapeutic supervised visitation at this time, but can recommend a local therapist for you and/or your child.
  • Contact us (901) 737-3337 regarding our fees.

We are here to help you with your Memphis and Mid-South Supervision!

Please CONTACT US with any questions.